Avoiding Notice in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights: A Home with a Long Legacy, a Long Driveway, and a Longtime Companion.

I’m not sure what stopped me—perhaps it was the newly spruced-up driveway that caught my eye, or perhaps it was simply serendipity that caused me to linger in front of the long driveway at 2950 Pacific Avenue this morning. Perhaps it was sheer happenstance that I ran into a neighbor who saw me pause, and say to me “Yep, she’s putting the old girl up for sale—after a hundred years, she was the last one of the family who wanted it.” 

I can’t say I recall ever seeing this house before—despite its location only a few blocks from my house. I must have walked by it a hundred times while I’d walk my dog up Pacific Avenue, but this was the first time I noticed this hidden house, with no street frontage, accessible only by an exceedingly long, thin driveway. What was hidden down that long drive?

My interest was piqued. As soon as I got home from my walk, I started my research.


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