HOUSE PORN by Brad Pitt: From Chanel Shill to Furniture Designer.

First he comes out as the "Perfect Shill for Chanel" and now Brad Pitt is making his debut as a furniture designer. While other celebrities create signature perfumes and clothing lines, the actor is indulging himself by introducing about a dozen furniture pieces—tables, chairs, and even a bed <listen to the crowd swoon> alongside works by his collaborator, Frank Pollaro. Pollaro is known for his reproductions of Art Deco furnishings.

Pitt’s passion for architecture and design is well documented. He has partnered with the legendary architect Frank Gehry to build homes in New Orleans, and has led incredible renovations of his personal homes (circa the Jennifer Aniston days). He has reportedly said he is "pushing his kids" to become architects.

His first collection is being will be officially unveiled in New York and are being described by the Guardian as “Comprising a number of tables and chairs, a double bath and a vast ocean liner of a bed, the pieces are a strange mishmash of Pitt's eclectic influences, which he says span everything from Arts and Crafts to Bauhaus and Tiffany lamps… The bed is the most overwrought design of all, with a swooping tropical hardwood frame, a mattress supported by nickel trusses, and tray tables on either side with silk-under-glass tops.

Pitt’s designs reportedly were “discovered” by Pollaro in a sketchbook of doodles. "I asked him: 'Why don't we make some of this stuff real?”

And another celebrity “signature line” was born.

Source: Architectural Digest

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