Brandon Boyd: Flows to Bay.

“It gets some attention here and there, depending on what’s getting attention that day, but I just really felt like it was something that needed more attention so I used my tiny little pedestal to step on the gas a little bit more with it and hopefully bring some more young people’s attention to this issue.”

From books of self emission filled with visual and written musings of life, to full sized canvas expressions, next to just plain fun, mutual band creativity on butcher paper strapped over a plastic signing table and draped over practice space walls, he has felt honored to be an equally fueling, nurturing, and understanding entity to his own fuel itself which is his expressive creativity and the world around him.  As a long time fan of the artistic ventures of Brandon Boyd, I purchased tickets to his “Flows to Bay” exhibit at the Monterrey Museum of Art where he was to do a personal walkthrough, explanation, and presentation of his work, the main idea being focused around the horrible mass pollution of our oceans with which he captivates our consciousness and opens our views to. I had one of those “No way…” moments, and felt it a gift that he would be there in the flesh with his own art and speaking about his own feelings and meaning behind the color. I had to go, I had no idea how I would get there but I knew I had to at least buy the tickets to check it out if I could, and this is what I was so very excited to go view and learn from.

 Long story short, I was very unhappy, for lack of profanity in this reading, that I couldn’t go but it impacted me nevertheless reading and hearing about it. Totally felt like the one kid among your friends that didn’t get ice cream… 

“I believe that there are other civilizations out there, but they’re really far away, and that we’re not going to interact with them any time soon, so at the moment we are an island, this is the only place that we have to live and the place that we have to go. So it would occur to a reasonable person that you should protect your island and protect this place that is quite literally a gift to you. “

Brandon’s expressive nature is not without an active one close by at all times. As many of us living by the ocean love it in a way that is beyond verbal cadence, I too hear of the horrible things that happen within and to it caused by none other than our very own human race. Especially for people who enjoy being in and up close and personal with the water, we can’t help but wonder who is caring about it and what is being done as well. Brandon has teamed up with companies such as Hurley emblazoning his eye opening and tasteful expressions upon their clothing to raise awareness and funds, and has benefited a lot of ocean friendly charities through Incubus’ Make Yourself Foundation.

This method to me is the epitome of self development and discovery, expression, connection, love and activism to keep beautiful that which we rely so heavily upon for infinite reasons. By simply being creative he has managed to kill not only two but several birds with one stone so to say. I see this as putting the best of your creativity, logic and strong suits into play in the right arenas and reaching your audience through means that they will actually pay attention to. And the beauty of it is that anybody can do this. We truly are an island, and this is the only one we’ve got right now; from the food that we eat to the waves that we ride as they glide over the beaches on which we walk. The consequences of inaction will only diminish our health and longevity. So go buy a cool Hurley shirt that’ll save the ocean and be a tastefully artistic conversation piece!

Cheers to health and longevity. 

Author Orion Grant is all about "Being Creative". Learn more about him here.

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