Chewing gum at Fashion Week: Trident acts as muse for designer Indashio

Fashion designer Indashio says his latest collection was inspired by Liberace and Trident Vitality Gum.

The idea of gum as muse was no accident. Trident came looking for a brand partner to promote its latest brand extension.

Trident's PR agency sent the designer a big platinum box filled with each of the brand's three flavors. Indashio took it from there, and has designed three mini dresses and one grand finale outfit for Fashion Week that are inspired by the gum.

"I opened a pack," he said. "I took out a piece of gum. I started chomping the gum. People say I chew gum like a cow, but I wanted to do it like a wine tasting. I really wanted to get the juices going. I was enjoying the party in my mouth, and then I just started sketching away like a little mad man."

It is unclear whether the gum-inspired dresses will travel off the runway and into retail--or whether buyers for 7-Eleven would be interested <grin>


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