Cirque du Soleil will swing from the rafters during the Academy Awards

This year’s Academy Awards is about to turn into a three-ring circus.

Aerialists, acrobats and contortionists from Cirque du Soleil are among the guests at this year's Academy Awards…at least on stage.

A special three-minute segment was specially choreographed for the awards show on February 26. The sequence will include 50 artists handpicked for this show, with music composed by Danny Elfman who wrote the music for the Cirque show "IRIS," which plays at the Kodak Theater during the 11 months when the Oscars are not being staged.

This is not the first time the troupe performed at the Oscars. Ten years ago they performed during the 74th annual telecast.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the kinks are still being worked out in the performance:

During the Friday night rehearsals two days before the show, though, things were rough. Aerialist Yuri Maiorov tried out a stunt that had him soaring in an arc out over the audience - but the act had to be scaled back when he kept landing hard in the audience, in the vicinity of Nicole Kidman’s assigned seat.

 Another performer spun hoops around her body and then flung them into the crowd, where a colleague standing in the aisle was supposed to catch them. But during one of the rehearsals, one hoop crashed squarely on the seat bearing Julia Roberts’ name.

Watch out for the unexpected on Sunday night.


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