Confessions from a Wing Girl #12: "Do Money, Social Status and Possessions Matter To Women?"

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Here is Confessions from a Wing Girl #12: "Do Money, Social Status and Possessions Matter To Women?"



Do money, social status and possessions matter to women. 

I always feel insecure if I meet a girl who has accomplished more than me or has a better job.

So, am I right or not?





No it does not matter to most women.  

What matters is when YOU let it affect YOU.  When YOU get self conscious about it.   

Women are not bothered until you voice that you are bothered by your money, social status or possessions. If you are a negative, freeloading bum who complains about where he is in life but does not to change the situation then no women will find you attractive, at least not long term attractive.

But if you are positive about who you are, your job and what you have, then she will be too.   As long as you are always remain true to who you are and strive for greatness, she will be happy. If not then you have to evaluate the person you are with. 

Women want to know that they have a partner and that their partner is proactive about making a great life with and for her.  That does not mean yachts and partying at clubs. It means character, support and love. 

For those women that you date who you feel are more accomplished remember that you also have areas that you are accomplished in that she may not be.  Never feel below another person. Learn to respect and acknowledge what you and others have achieved.


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