Confessions from a Wing Girl #13: "How Do I Ask A Woman On A Second Date?"

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Here is Confessions from a Wing Girl #13: "Do Money, Social Status and Possessions Matter To Women?"



Hi Marni,

I would like to know how you get second dates. Should I wait for the girl to suggest that we should see each other again? Because I've read that advice from other dating "experts".

Is it OK to say, "I would like to do this or that. Do you want to come with me?" Or something like that.





Of course you can ask for second dates if you want to go on them. I do not agree with getting her to ask you because most women will not ask you and therefore you lose out!

LEAD!!! As the man, always lead. The more you lead, the more a woman will be inclined to follow.  Why? Because when you lead and take on the masculine role, it allows a woman to fall into the feminine role. And that is what women want. To feel feminine.

I actually just did a great interview with a good friend’s new boyfriend. While she and I were hanging out, she told me that the way her new BF would end each date and ask for the next one was super attractive. She said “I had no choice but to say yes to his invite. It was direct, confident and attractive.”

Here’s how he would end each date:

“X, I had a great time with you. (then recalled something from the date that he liked learning about her and said it)  I would like to take you on Wednesday for dinner/movie/walk. Are you free?”

The reason why it was so attractive was because he was stating what he wanted and then relayed that information to my friend. He wasn’t asking for her permission. He was telling her what he wanted. Sexy and very attractive!

Try it.


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