Confessions from a Wing Girl #14: "Why Do Women Respond To Me When I Act Like A Jerk?"

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Here is Confessions from a Wing Girl #14: "Why Do Women Respond To Me When I Act Like A Jerk?"


I’m just a passive easygoing person and a nice person. Girls never really showed much interest in me. Then just as an experiment I tried acting like an asshole and many girls liked me more and there was more connection. Why do girls like it when I act like an asshole?


My guess is that you are actually a nice guy. So when you acting like a jerk is actually just you acting like a guy with an edge. Deep down you’re not a jerk and women can tell that right away. Women love playfulness, challenge and teasing. They don’t like when a guy bends over backwards for them without even knowing them and gives up all his self-worth. 

You have tapped into something amazing. You have gone from passive to active! Which is super sexy and you are getting results. 


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