Confessions from a Wing Girl #15: "How Can I Tell What a Woman’s Eye Contact Is Signaling?"

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Here is Confessions from a Wing Girl #15: "How Can I Tell What a Woman’s Eye Contact Is Signaling?"





Think about it this way.

If you look over at a hot girl and she looks back at you, what is your first reaction?  The typical, gut reaction is to look away. Why? So you don't get caught right?  Don't worry. I do that too.

I did it yesterday at the gym. I looked over and saw a guy I thought was attractive. He looked at me, so I quickly looked away. It's my automatic response because you're not supposed to stare. BUT after I looked away and composed myself, I looked back at him and smiled calmly and confidently. He smiled back and we had a nice moment. 

What I am getting at is don't get freaked out by being caught off guard. Compose yourself and then take your shot!


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