Confessions from a Wing Girl #16: "How Do I Handle Female Cock Blocks?"

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Here is Confessions from a Wing Girl #16: "How Do I Handle Female Cock Blocks?"





Women can be nosey for several reasons: 

1. Jealousy - they are bitter and want some attention too. 

2. Protective - Until that woman knows you, who you are and why you are talking to her friend she is not going to trust you. Men rape, men break friends’ hearts, and men may have hurt her in the past. She sees herself as loving and the protector.

3. Disapproving - Since she does not know you she has nothing to base her disapproval for you on other than her past experience. Her ex may have looked like you so in her mind she “knows the kind of guy you are by your look". 

4. Unaware - Some women are just so caught up in their own S*&t that they really are not even aware of others.  

5. Caring - the girl you were talking to may have just had a bad breakup so her friend thinks it's best for her to stay single, have fun and enjoy herself. This is linked to protective. 

So now you have 5 reasons as to why women are "nosey". But the most important thing to recognize is that the girl did not come back to you again. Her friends don't have that much power over her to keep her away from a guy she may or may not like. 

TIP: One thing you could have done was befriend the whole group instead of "keeping" the woman away from her friends. Another is ASK FOR HER NUMBER the second time she came back to you. 


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