Confessions from a Wing Girl #17: "Is It Okay To Date On A Casual Level?"

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Basically you are asking me if it's okay to date multiple women and explore them on a semi casual basis. Correct?

I'm all for exploring your options and creating a life that is fun, exciting and works for you. HOWEVER, once you start involving others it can become tricky because your wants may not coincide with their wants.

As a note, this can even happen when both people have similar end goals (eg. LTR). 

So, my advice to you is to be honest with tact. This does not mean telling a woman on the first date "Hey, I just want to let you know that I don't want anything serious and just want to have sex and fun". 

It means, not leading a woman down a path that is false so that you can get what you want. 

As long as you are being honest through your actions and not promising things that may give false hope, you are free to do whatever you want. 

#1 rule:  As long as you are not hurting, misleading OR being dishonest, you are allowed to do and ask for whatever you want. 


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