Confessions from a Wing Girl #21: "How does my appearance affect her?"

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I dont see with 1 eye, lost it in childhood. And people notice it. i used to wear a pirate"s tie lol, but not now.  From a womans perspective, how would it affect you if you saw a guy with this injury, and who would start talkin to you? Some woman said that some girls want a man to be perfect, because how would they be seen in public ? Please,  be honest with me!



Honestly, it would effect me.  But so would seeing a short man, a man who was not my ethnicity, a fat man, a guy with zits, a bald man. If would effect me for as long as that was the only thing that I knew about that man.  But as soon as a man shows me more of himself, that ONE THING starts to become either larger or smaller.

If a man has a bad character then I am going to focus more on his ONE THING.

If he's awesome, I'll start to shift my judgement of him and his ONE THING will become smaller.

What I am getting at, is that the eye is not all of you. It's part of you but there must be more to you in order for anyone, including yourself to like you!

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