Confessions from a Wing Girl #24: "Why Do I Attract Stalker Types?"

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Hi Marni

I have signed up for your programme and i think it is going to be cool!

I have only one question for you. 

I attract 'stalker' type women.

I'd really like to change the type of women i attract.

As i have become older, this happens more. Women become very unhealthily attached very quickly. 

When i pull back from them (as you would!) it gets messy.

I would really appreciate your input on this.

Any insight on how to change who i attract?



I'm guessing from your email you have an outgoing, fun loving, free personality and you also LOVE to love women.  I have had many men write to me with similar concerns, wondering what they may be doing wrong and the answer is nothing. This is what typically happens with dynamic, open types of individuals. People they interact with on an emotional level become addicted to them because they are unlike most others out there. 

Not saying this is your fault, but I understand why they want more attention. You are  expressive, attentive and giving cause that is how you have fun and explore new women. But once you decide it's not what you want, you move on tot the next, while these women are left alone thinking you are a man that gets them like no other. 

Just guessing this is what is going on. 

What I suggest, is don't be as intense with women you date. Take it a little slower as this will alleviate some of the "stalker" type behavior.

OR - get a better gauge on the women you date before you get heavily involved with them. 


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