Confessions from a Wing Girl #25: "How do I avoid missing a romantic opportunity?"

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My problem is a frustrating one. I have had many girl friends, casual and serious and feel comfortable talking to women. I have, however, always been very slow to react to signs of attraction from women. I often don't notice that they are interested, only to realize the opportunity is gone after the fact. I know that I am attractive to many people, but sometimes I miss it or don't know how to translate it into a romantic relationship. What is the best way to improve on this?



How about you stop trying to mind read and notice "signs" a girl is giving you and just start focusing on the only sign that actually matters. The sign in your head that says "ding ding ding!!! I'm interested. I want this. Let's see where this goes".  

Honestly, stop trying to be a mind reader. If you start focusing more on what you want and less on what she wants, you'll start to see a whole lot more ;-)  Trust me, she'll let you know if she IS or isn't interested. 

Here is an exercise for you.  For the next week, use the words I WANT in your vocabulary at least 10 times per day. Not in a mean way or an aggressive way, but in a assertive confident way.  

This exercise will trigger you to make decisions and become more aware of what YOU want. It will also help you stop focusing so much on what others want. Others that you do not know and could never ever be able to figure out what they want. 


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