Confessions from a Wing Girl #26: "Is Sexual inexperience a turn-off?"

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Hello Marni, 

What do women think of a man's past sexual history or lack thereof? I've never had a girlfriend. So to state the obvious I am a virgin. This  has nothing to with Tim Tebow -like religious convictions. but the fact in my younger days I was an extremely shy, fat, balding guy. I've gotten my weight down from 260lbs. to 195lbs and now shave my head  and I think I resemble Micheal Chiklis with a salt and pepper mustache. So does it matter to women that I have no sexual experience? Will they care? 

Thanks in advance.


Hey Jack,

Thank you for being so honest with me. 

Ok. So here's the deal.  Sexual inexperience is NOT a turn off for women UNLESS you let it lower your confidence and ruin the connection you may have with her during sex. 

Excitement, interest and intrigue are all part of the sexual adventure that make things fun. And you can have these things whether or not you have had sexual experiences.  Between you and me, some of the guys with the most sexual experience are lousy in bed ;-)  Why? Because they've never actually learned how to pleasure a woman and give her an experience to remember. 

What I would suggest is that you study. Read, watch and learn.  Gain confidence from what you know so that you yourself know that you can sexually pleasure a woman once you have the opportunity. But lack of knowledge plus lack of experience will create a low sense of confidence around sex.  


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