Confessions From a Wing Girl #27: "Are there Only Two of Us in this Relationship?"

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This week, Marni received a question from a fan who needs some help with a recent romantic sitation.

Summary of my situation:

I found a girl online through Match.comWe started talking and was having a good time(all online). We connected really well and both were excited to keep the relationship going by meeting in the future.Then we ran into each other randomly(or fate who knows haha) we had a great night of dancing and making out frequently.We only have talked a few times since. She will be quick to respond then she won't reply for days/weeks at a time then out of the blue she'll start up again.

 I have reason to believe she may have been with some other guy at the time we first met in person. I didn't know this until after we ran into each other. I don't want to be 'that guy' to wreck a relationship so i'll respect her relationship if so. Yet when we do talk via texting and facebook she keeps flirting but I do see she also has activity with this other guy(facebook doesn't have her listed in a relationship).My guess is she has been hurt before and is cautious not to get hurt again(we have that in common).

I'm gonna ask her out again soon. I know she has at least one dog that she loves a lot. So I'm gonna be specific in where we will eat, when, and all that. I'll likely get a gift for her dog( the pricetag isn't an issue, but I'm looking for something that will keep her thinking about me) cause I love dogs too and we have great chemistry with other interests outside of that for her to think about.


Should I ask straight forward if she is currently seeing someone?


No need.  I would be straight forward in asking her on a date first.  Seems to me she may not be sure about you but toying with the idea. There may be other option, maybe even one other guy, but that's the world of dating right?!!  You are one person in her life who she is trying to explore. You don't have a relationship yet. You have an online flirtation, texting flirtation and a make out! That's dating and testing the waters. So ask her out and see where it goes. 


Any ideas for gifts that keep her thinking seriously about me.


NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  No gifts.  She'll take you seriously when she seriously wants to. Don't shower her with gifts to get her attention. YOu can't make a woman like you just because you give her stuff.  She'll like you for you.  Overall SLOW DOWN!!!


With limited time spent together how much is too much for a first date? Is a gift(for the dog) something that should be treats only or something like a dog grooming reservation? Fancy dinner or coffee date? 


For a first date start short with the option to extend. You already had a night out together, so you know she is fun. So this time do something that's low cost, easy but can still be fun. Coffee, mini golf, walk, drinks. And if you are having a good time EXTEND.  But no gifts. No gestures. At least for now.  


Any general pointers for the first date is always appreciated. 


Your main job is to slow your horses and not get ahead of yourself. This date is for you too. To see if you like this girl. To see if you want a second date. 


I had thought up a quote to say to girls I'm interested in and didn't know if it would come across as cocky or confident. "I want to take you out to get to know you better. Give me your number or will I have to go find another lucky girl" I was thinking about using this on the girl I mentioned above. It probably could use some better wordplay but you get the drift. 


I like the first line and then stating that you would like her number so that you can take out.  But the rest is kind of cheesy and non confident. 

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