Confessions from a Wing Girl #28: Will a date mind if I don’t have my own place?

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 I just moved to the city after graduating college. I came without a job, friends, or money, but I new I wanted to start the next phase of my life in a new city. I recently found a job, and I’m making friends, but money is still tight. I’m saving for my own apartment by sleeping on a friend’s sofa. I’m happy, but his living situation is not good for my love life.

 Romantic logistics aside, I’m a bit embarrassed to tell a girl that I don’t have my own place. I feel like it looks like I’m a slacker—a deadbeat, and makes me feel less than a man. After all, who wants to date a guy who doesn’t have his life together?

 I want to date, but I’m blocked. What should I do?

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Slacker?? Seems like you know exactly what you want AND have a plan to go after it.  You’ve moved to a new city, are a recent college grad, just got a job and have a goal of getting your own apartment. You my friend are exactly what women are looking for. A proactive man whose looking to get his SH*T together.  Super sexy and awesome.

 Now I know that your current situation is not ideal and not exactly a big boost to your ego BUT if you re-frame the way you see yourself and your situation then women will too.  

So stop being so down on where and what you are right now. Be proud and excited about what you are heading towards and what the future holds for you.  Then tell women about that! As soon as they see your passion and proactive nature, they will be on board with it as well.

What women are ultimately looking for is a guy that can lead and make things happen and you my friend are doing just that!


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