Confessions from a Wing Girl #30: Am I putting out a gay vibe?

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 I like girls. But, I keep getting hit-on by dudes. I’m more of a hipster geek than a jock, and I guess I’m one of those sensitive straight guys. I like to be friendly and open and tend to be a bit physical—I’m a hugger. I’m comfortable with my sexuality and have both straight and gay friends. It is not that I mind being mistaken as gay by my male friends—it is that I think a lot of girls who might be interested in me might think I’m gay, and won’t date me. I feel like way too many women put me in the “friend zone” rather than being romantically interested in me. Last night, a girl I was hitting on asked me, “I thought you had a boyfriend.” I’m frustrated. I want to be true to myself, but I seem to be putting out a gay vibe. What’s a dude to do?



Try this line next time “Why don’t we go upstairs and I’ll show you how gay I am”. 

I want to tell you something. The only one who puts you in the friend zone is YOU. No one should have that much power over you. Especially not a new woman that you just met!

 If you want to be in another “zone” then you gotta take the steps to get into that zone. That means watching how you talk to women. My guess is that you act “friendly” towards women. You listen to them talk. Share your own experiences with them to make them feel better about things. You act like a girlfriend rather than acting like the sexual option that you want to be. 

So my advice to switch around the “gay dilemma”, which honestly is a huge compliment from other gay dudes, is to start altering your behavior.  Don’t be afraid to shake things up and let women know you are attracted to them. So instead of becoming their new gay best friend, you’ll become their sensitive new lover that may dress better than they do!


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