Confessions From A Wing Girl #32: Do I NEED To Be Funny To Get The Girl?

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Hi Marni,

I purchased your video and audio program from your website. First I have to say it was amazing to be able to hear how all those women really talk when men aren't around. It was great and I got a lot from it. I did have 1 question on something said. In the video with you and your friends, someone says that she wants to be approached in a fun way, with some funny comment. Now, I understand that but there's not always something funny to comment about. Is it ok to just go and say Hi! What's your name? Sometimes women say that they want men to be direct but also subtle, confident but not cocky, etc. It's confusing, you know!



I totally understand how you could find that comment confusing and frustrating. It's not always easy to bring the funny. Especially when you are not a bantery, over the top funny guy.

Basically what she was saying is that she wants a man who doesn't take things so seriously all the time and can see the humor in things. Bring something to the table other than your deep understanding of how to write the best HTML code man has ever seen.

This does not mean you have to perform, be the entertainer or work really hard at making her feel good. It means you have to bring something to the table to add to her evening.

I have had many men who approach me and bring nothing to the table. No character, no energy, just a bag of nerves, no confidence and expect me to make all the conversation. For me it feels like pulling teeth. It takes away from my night.

I am a nice girl and will give at least 5 minutes of my time to a man that has the confidence to aproach. I am pretty patient. Most women won't give you that time and if they do it will be followed by a lot of head nodding, one word answers and the hopes of finding an excuse to get away from you.

I go out to have fun. I work all day and when I go out I want to enjoy my evening not do more work. So bring the fun, enjoy life and be able to laugh at yourself. That is what women mean when they say sense of humor is super important.


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