Confessions From A Wing Girl #40: Did I Ruin My Chances By Getting Too Cute Too Soon?

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I will be honest with you. The text was a little creepy. The joke was not conveyed properly and it gave me an icky feeling. The text seemed a little premature and too cutesy to be texting to a girl you just met. It sounded like a boyfriend/girlfriend text. But from a new guy it’s just creepy.

In the future, think before you text and think to yourself, am I texting to actually say something or am I texting to make sure she doesn’t forget about me.

Texts that come from that “I hope she doesn’t forget about me” place always fail UNLESS she is already into you.

The one thing to point out is that you guys had already said you were going to talk/hang out next week. Therefore there was no NEED to contact her. If you wanted to be sweet, you could have sent a simple (non-creepy) text saying something like “so how did the move go?” or “successful move?” or “enjoying your new place?” and that’s it. 

If there was a connection with this girl she should be able to shake the text and move forward to actually meeting you.

Make sure you pull back a little and understand that just because a girl is into you and accepts an invite does not mean she is your girlfriend.


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