Confessions From A Wing Girl #38: Should I Call or Text After A Date?

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My belief system is that you can do WHATEVER you want, as long as you are doing with the right intentions. So, if the reason you are texting/calling is to emotionally calm you, then DON"T DO IT. If it's to make her think you are "nice", don't do it. But if you genuinely want to text her to say you had a great time, DO IT!

But leave it at that. Say you had a great time and it was great discovering her addiction to gummy bears. Something cute. Or if you had a strong connection and talked on a deeper level, let her know you find it refreshing to meet a woman who does XYZ. 

After dates, I want you to take time for yourself to process, get back to your life and then you can reach out again to set up another date. 

NOTE: Not sure if you listened to the interview I did with Jake in how to become the kind of man women want but he and I discuss the end of date statement that's gold.

GOLD STATEMENT: He would always say to a girl (if he liked her) "I had a great time with you and would like to take you out again next week. Are you free Wed?”  

It's a hard statement to say no to. It's direct, it's clear, and it’s confident. 


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