Confessions From A Wing Girl #42: When Does Nice Become Too Nice? Am I A Pleaser?

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Hi Marni,

I have been talking to this woman on 4 months, I have told her I am not your typical guy, I respect women, don't use them, mistreat or abuse them, I buy the woman in my life flowers simply because she likes them, and it usually puts a smile on there face and I like that. I think that women should be pampered at times, so I take one or two weekends a month and make it all about her, I will cook or go out and buy breakfast on these weekends, then I will serve her while she is still in bed. I will also give her a full message, I am pretty good at them. On top of all  that, what ever she wants to do, I go along with her, shopping for clothes GOD forbid go to a museum, lol. I do this because I think women are special, they do a lot for us men that most men expect or don't appreciate all the things women do or don't even notice, like dinner, where is the law women have to fix it? But most do and guy's sit and wait for it.

Just wanted to get you up to speed about my question.

Sunday Dec.29 she sent an e-mail stating she had feelings for me, which is great in my eyes as I have them for her. So I try to convince her we should meet in person, in a public place she can feel safe, One of us could be a serial killer, some women are crazy you know. LOL I want her to feel safe at ease so she can be herself. I told to pick anyplace any time and I will be there. (she lives in S.F. ca I live in Cupertino, CA near San Jose) about 45-50 miles apart, that way she would have the advantage just in case I was crazy or something like that. (I am not). 
On  Thursday Jan.3 in response to my suggestion of meeting and a little refresher in how I think women should be treated, I also added that all my life a lot of women don't believe me when I tell them how I would treat them. The e-mail I received said: "I don't either, so you should prove me wrong" that was it, no time to meet, nothing but those words.

OK for my question, I bet you thought I would never get to it, lol. Should I prove her wrong? That is easy if we were doing something together, I would just be myself. Is there a way to prove her wrong online? I have tried to come up with a way to do that without being with her, but I am at a loss. She also hasn't sent any messages in three days now.

Thank You for what ever help you can be,


Hmmm....  K so here is what I hear going on. 

I totally respect that you have certain views on how women should be treated and I LOVE them.  BUT what I also hear is that you may be giving to people/women before you actually get to know them.  Being kind and courteous is admirable but giving your full self to someone right at the beginning can be seen as "too much" for a lot of women and even deemed needy and eager. 
I don't want to deter you from being this amazing character but what I want for you to try to do is actually be more selective with who you give yourself to.  Let's call it slow release. So that you are not giving all of you right off the bat to a woman you don't even know yet. 
From a woman's POV, all she wants to see is that you are good. She doesn't need to hear all about it before meeting you.  It will seem like you are trying to prove something when in fact if you are that man, it will be shown as you get to know one another. 
Think about people you interact with. IF they tell you time and time again who they are, it's as if they are questioning it themselves and trying to prove it.  Someone who just acts rather than telling me about how he is going to act is more attractive. 
Make sense?


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