Confessions From A Wing Girl #43: Can I Date Women Who Are Much Younger Then Me?

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Hi Marni,

This is a follow-up e-mail / testimonial for your outstanding program.

On12/30, I met a friend of mine at a live music venue to celebrate a big win he had scored with his company. In his celebratory mode, he had a "few too many" and was being a little too loud to a couple of woman who were standing near us. Ultimately, it ended up being necessary to put him in a cab and get him home. I went back in the club and saw the two women. I simply went up to say hello and to apologize for my friend's "volume." I then said "have a good night" and walked over to the bar to get a beer. At this point, I noticed that they had migrated from where they were originally standing to about 5 feet from me. Their backs were turned but they had moved to closer proximity. I took the opportunity to re-engage and went over and asked their names, made a joke about my friends "over celebration", and then things just took off from there. We ended up going to two other music clubs that night (there's a lot of them in Austin, TX!) and having a great time. At the end of the evening, I exchanged numbers with the one woman who I was really attracted to. (She's absolutely gorgeous!).

I sent a quick text later that night just to say "great to meet you, would love to see you again sometime". She responded back with a "you're amazing, so glad to have met you" etc.

Next night was New Year's Eve. We texted and discovered that we were both flexible with our plans, so we ended up connecting on New Year's Eve for another live music show and then we went to a late-night party that was hosted by some friends of her's. I got home at 5 AM...but never felt tired. It's exhilarating to be in this woman's presence.

Since that night, we've exchanged texts and spoken on the phone. She's sweet, intelligent, great taste in music, (I mentioned beautiful) -- all the things I could ever want.

But, here's the problem...I find out she's 21 (and I'm 43). She looks 30 (and so do I by the way)...she was hanging out with her best friend/roommate - a woman in her mid to late 30's - and we met at a venue that draws a more upper demo adult crowd. So, all of the context, looks, behavior, and intelligence pointed to a woman of a more advanced age.  After our time together, I have genuine feelings for her and I believe she feels the same way.

I have a 17 year old daughter - which makes me feel weird about dating such a younger woman - and I have the voice of my ex-wife echoing in my head calling me "a pig" or "one of those guys." Which, I'm really not...I've never dated a younger woman, it's not my thing.  This one "just happened." I'd like to continue to see her and see where it goes. I do want to be honest and open with her in that I don't see it as a long-term situation. I certainly do not want to "take advantage" or hurt her in any way. I need help!

I sincerely appreciate any help or advice you can provide.

Thank you,


5am??? I love it. 

Now, hopefully from reading my materials you know how I am going to respond.  I am going to tell you that this is something that you have to work out with yourself.  That you are allowed to date WHOEVER you want. As long as she is over 18 PLAY BALL!!  

Once you start to set limitations on yourself, where does it end? "Oh, I can't date red heads because my ex wife will think this".  "I can't date x or y or z or q because others will think....".  Where does it end? 

You can date anyone you want!!!!  And enjoy it. 

Connection is a tough thing to find and if you have found it and enjoy it, keep going!


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