Confessions From A Wing Girl #44: She's Trying to be Upfront With You.

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Hey Marni,

Your various lectures have been very great and useful to me with women thank you so much. However, yesterday I encountered something strange and new. I met a beautiful woman and talked a bit with her letting her know my intention of taking her out on a date. A day later while texting she said she's not ready for a relationship. The date is still on, I honestly do not know how to react to this... please help!

Don't take it soooo seriously.  You can joke around with her "whoa, slow your roll lady.  I just want casual sex ;-) "  something like that.  Whatever fits your personality and comfort level to do. 
Truth is that you don't want one either. Or at least you don't know yet. You've just met her for goodness sakes so how are you to decide if you want a relationship with her.  If you already knew it would show how over eager you are and in need of a woman. NO GOOD. 
Overall, what I read from the situation is that she's trying to be upfront with you about what this is so that you don't get the wrong idea.  So, go into it thinking I want to get to know this girl better and see if SHE is interesting to YOU before you decide if you want more from her. 
She may change her mind and so may you!

- Marni 

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