Confessions From A Wing Girl #45: Can't We Just Be Friends?

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Dear Marni,

Could you tell me why you think it's important not to stay in friendships with women I am attracted to?  I feel like that's bad for three reasons.

The first is that I think if the woman is good enough to date she's good enough to be a friend (not best buddies or anything).  The second is that it's a way to keep in touch in case she ever changes her mind about me, which has happened before.  The third is that if your selection is limited (cultural, religious or ethnic reasons), cutting off one relationship could seriously limit your social interactions with other members of that small group.

My policy has always been to remain friends.  Is this wrong?


You can totally remain friends with a woman if she says she doesn't want anything more as long as you can really be friends and understand that nothing is going to happen.

I tell people to take a break from the "friendship" if the moving forward is not an option, to protect themselves.  I know a lot of men who stay "friends" with women hoping they'll one day see how great he is but it rarely happens.  What happens instead is a guy wastes another few years focusing all his efforts on this woman and then she finds a new boyfriend and he is left with nothing.

I think once you know you want more there isn't really a friendship there because both sides want something different.  If you can REALLY be friends and move on with your life at the same time and meet other women, then be friends for sure!


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