Confessions from a Wing Girl #7: "Do I Stay In The Friend Zone and Wait?"

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Here is Confessions from a Wing Girl #7: "Do I Stay In The Friend Zone and Wait?"



Hey Marni,

I’ve known this girl for the last two years and we’ve been friends. Not because I wanted to be friends. I finally said something to her about it and she said, “I don’t want to lose our friendship”.

My sticking point is how to approach this.

Do I stick to the being friends approach? I’ve told her to just be my friend now.

So would you say I should do the friends thing and just try build up slowly again? Or, would you suggest going with no contact for at least 3 or 4 weeks and trying to re-set things after the?




I guess the first question to ask yourself is: are you okay with just being friends with her for the rest of your life?

Meaning there isn't a "wait a year and then...” It's an "I'm her friend and only her friend and I'm okay with it".  If the answer to this is YES, then totally be her friend.  

But if you want something else from her, then the "friendship" is false which is unfair to you and to her.  

She is not purposely trying to hurt you or lead you on but it's what is happening and you "seem" to be okay with it. 

My advice, is to think honestly, are you okay being just friends.

If the answer is NO, then it's time to separate from this girl :-( give yourself some distance and don't be her "faux" boyfriend.  Date other girls, sleep with other girls and keep in touch with this girl.  I pretty much guarantee there will be a shift in her attraction to you and if not, then you’re out dating other girls so she doesn't matter.  Win Win!


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