Confessions from a Wing Girl #8: "Is She Flaking on Me?"

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Here is Confessions from a Wing Girl #8: "Is she flaking on me?"


Marni, good work. I'm a big fan.

I asked this girl out and here was her response:

"Hi Owen, I’m moving tomorrow so a little bit busy at the minute. How about I let you know when I'm settled..."

Sounds like womanise for a "no".

Should I call her a couple of days later?


Owen from London 



Hmmmm without knowing more, I would say MAYBE.  Ha. I know that’s not the answer that you want to hear but I’ll explain.

To be honest, it totally depends on her age. If she is over 30 then it's an honest statement. If she's below it's most likely a blow off. 

I don’t like that she did not give you a suggestion for when she would be free or offer up another date. But again, if she is over 30 and this is a true excuse then she is not really concerned about you. She’s concerned and immersed in her own world.

Either way, YES contact her again and if you get nothing. DONE!

If she is under 30 – TEXT

If she is over 30 – CALL

People in general are more comfortable with texting BUT women want to see that you are a man that can call. 


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