Confessions from a Wing Girl #9: "When To Buy Gifts For Women"

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Here is Confessions from a Wing Girl #9: "When To Buy Gifts For Women"




Quick question. I remembered from my first meeting with this first girl that she likes “white Roses”.   Would it be unwise to give her 1 white rose for the 2nd meeting?

- Eddie 




That’s a tough 1 without knowing full details on how you feel/think about this girl. Or how she reacts/responds to you. But here are my broad thoughts on the matter of  giving gifts to women.

Before you take any action with a woman; texting, email, calling, gifts etc… you gotta take a second and really think about WHY you are doing it.

If you are doing it for attention – don’t do it.

If you are doing it so she’ll think you’re nice – don’t do it.

If you are doing it because you think that’s what she wants you to do – don’t do it.

If you are doing it because you honestly thought, hey she might like it and it won’t take me much time to do – DO IT.

Intention is everything. So if you like this girl and want to do, then do it.  But don’t do it to because you think it will make you win.

For your specific situation, I think bringing a rose, is very sweet. It’s definitely thoughtful and can win you points if she feels a chemistry between the two of you. 

If you sensed chemistry from the first date, then I would bring the rose to show you guys are still on track. But if you guys are still fence sitting, this move may seem a little premature and needy.

Only you can tell where you guys are at and decide.


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