Confessions From A Wing Girl #39: Is She Considering Me As Boyfriend Material?

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Hi Marni-

I just heard back from this girl I was talking to, she asked me if I was available on a certain date, but unfortunately I have a party, so I suggested another day and she said yes. We were talking and she was saying that she's had a stressful few months, to which I said things can only get better, be positive! Followed by, "you're getting to see me soon, that's things getting better right there." She then said "I'm hoping you'll be nicer than the last nob." I found this very interesting, what do you make of this? Do you think that means she's considering me as boyfriend material?



Every girl considers every guy boyfriend potential.  Whether it's conscious or subconscious, it's happening. Does not mean we are evaluating you. It just means we have hope that you may be that guy.
Just know that his statement DOES NOT mean you have to prove that you are better than the nob. Just be better than the nob by being you. Not by trying to prove it. Got it?
Remember, anytime we attempt to "try" to be something, we end up not being it and just seeing dis ingenuine. 


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