Confessions of A Wing Girl #46: Am I Too Short?

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I have one simple question. It seems that all women want a tall man. If you look around, it doesn't matter if the guy is tall and fat, tall and ugly, tall and broke, tall and a complete jerk, the taller guys always seem to get more women. If you look at online dating sites, even some girls that 5'0" want a guy that's 5'10" or taller.  I'm only 5'4". I know that not every single female is like this, but I feel I've already lost the sense of attraction just by my height?  What advice to you have for shorter guys, and why do women shorter than me still want guys a foot taller than them?


To feel feminine, small and petite. Plus biologically, height is a precursor for survival and strength. I'm not going to lie and say that if I asked 10 women if they thought they would date guys that were shorter then them, maybe 1 out of 10 would say YES. 
But it's interesting what happens between expectations and reality. If a girl were to interact with a shorter man that made her feel excitement, sexy, feminine and fun, his height could be come an "issue" that is not a deciding factor. 
So don't let women's expectations of what they THINK they want hinder you. 
A few things you can do is not turn yourself down or OFF because of your height. Instead let a girl tell you that it's not for her. Act tall, be tall and she'll see you that way. 
You can also experiment with lifts if you want a little edge!

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