Cougar Life Billboard Lords Over the Land of Movie Stars, Plastic Surgery and Mother F*ckers.

The residents of Los Angeles (Angelinos) have a love/hate relationship with billboard advertising. As a Freeway culture, billboards amuse, bemuse, and create controversy like no other city. 

A few months ago the town (and the courts) were on fire over billboards for 1-800-Get-Thin, a surgically implanted device to help people lose weight.

The latest dust-up is around a billboard on the Sunset Strip featuring an image of a sexy, yet “older” (by L.A. standards) blonde woman resting aside the headline " … for Mother F*ckers.“ fashions itself as "the premier online dating service that pairs women in their prime with younger men and ends the double standard!"

Elissa Buchter, spokeswoman for Cougar Life and a cougar herself, told The Huffington Post that the billboard is the first of more the company hopes to put up in Hollywood and West Hollywood. The company is targeting the area, Buchter said, because it is the national "cougar capital" -- with more Cougar Life members in the 90069 zip code than anywhere else in the U.S. Regarding the term "mother f*ckers," she commented, "The majority of cougars are single moms. And we thought it'd be a good way to get their attention and make a splash."

It's not surprising that the "cougar capital" is in Hollywood, the land of movie stars, money and plastic surgery. In a recent

The City of West Hollywood issued the following statement to HuffPost about the Cougar Life billboard:

The City of West Hollywood has a lease agreement with Van Wagner Communications which allows for the operation and maintenance of a privately-owned billboard on Sunset Boulevard. The lease agreement gives the City limited approval of the billboard content based on City policy or community standards. The City reviewed the billboard content and determined it did not violate City policy or community standards. Which I guess makes sense, given the claim of being the “cougar capital.”

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