Discovering the Filtered Views of Instagram.

Each week we share the filtered views of life from the social photo app Instagram. There are over 100 million users of Instagram documenting the mundane, the beautiful and sometimes “the strange” of everyday life. Because everyone is a photographer. It’s our job to help you discover who’s out there, and what they’re photographing. From snapshots, to fine art, from passion projects to corporate marketing programs, there’s much to see through the different lens of Instagram.

Here’s a few of the profiles we’ve showcased so far in the series we call “Filtered Views.”

  1. Savtekin is an engineer who works for an airline company in Istanbul. See his work here.
  2. Tyler Sharp is a photographer, writer, and filmmaker based in Dallas, Texas. He likes old books, good whisky, full moons, and Kung Fu. 
  3. Ben Jorgens works at a start-up in San Francisco's Finacial District. Check out Ben here.
  4. Mo Alcaraz is a collector of moments, capturer of light, and steward of the universe.
  5. Ronnie Jones is a San Diego transplant using Instagram to explore the brave new world of San Francisco's Bay Area and all of the historic gems it has to offer. Here's how he sees the world.
  6. Bertie Pearson is an ordained Minister and former DJ and musician living in Texas.

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