Dressing Like Method Twins: Same, Same. But Different.

The stereotypic design-type dresses mostly in black, with selvage jeans mod-striped socks and $1,200 shoes. It is the design-shop uniform. But, proving variations on that theme are our friends over at experience design firm Method. Whether in New York, San Francisco or London, these design types might not be wearing all black, but they still do seem to have some common uniforms. We call them “Method Twins”—and this is how the folks at Method explain their similarities: 

At Method, we sometimes dress alike. Often it's not on purpose. We're not entirely sure why it happens, but it probably has a lot to do with the sheer amount of time we spend together as both colleagues and friends. Whether we're working on a project or a dice game, we end up influencing each other down to the details of our outfits. Taking "Accidental Twins" photos are a fun way to share with the rest of the company and our social networks what's going on in each studio, and that yes, that designers apparently do have a uniform."

Method is an international experience design firm focused on the intersection of brand, product, and service design. With deep expertise in research, strategy, design, and technology, we solve business challenges through design thinking and create inspired products, services, and brand experiences. Our clients are best described as owners of progressive, era-defining brands, and include Google, Comcast, Nordstrom, Reuters, Nokia, Microsoft, Time Warner Cable, Nissan, and BBC. Collaboratively, we help them create brands, products, and services that are smart, beautiful, and extendable. 

For more Method Twins, go to their Facebook page here.

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