Eye Candy Trifecta: Annie Leibovitz, American Olympians and Vogue.

Annie Leibovitz is perhaps the most legendary portrait photographers of our time, and she has a long history with America's Olympians. Two of perhaps her most notable associations have been as the official photographer of the Summer Olympics in Atlanta (1996) and her sought-after book of American athletes, in the book Olympic Portraits (1991).

For the 2012 Games, she uses the June issue of Vogue to present athletes such as soccer player Hope Solo, swimmer Ryan Lochte, tennis star Serena Williams, gymnast Jonathan Horton and basketball player Dwyane Wade and many more. Model Karlie Kloss poses alongside other athletes, in this series of photos, adding the fashion component to link them to the pages of Vogue.

Lochte who is on the magazine’s cover with Solo and Williams, is only the fourth man to be included on the cover of Vogue (the other three are Richard Gere, George Clooney, and LeBron James). 

Ryan Lochte

Dwyane Wade

The Bryan Brothers

Jonathan Horton

Ashton Eaton

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