Facts. And Chicks. Basically Heaven.

Like most people, I enjoy learning new things. And like most people, I enjoy the sight of a beautiful woman. That’s why FactsAndChicks.com has quickly become one of my go-to websites in the morning. Sure, I hit up Dictionary.com for my word of the day, as well as a handful of other morning ritualistic site’s to fawn over during my first cup of coffee, but I’ve found that FactsAndChicks is utterly addicting.

Aside from displaying gorgeous, half naked women behind small factoids for my consumption, I've found myself doing a bit of homework upon reading odd facts I'd never heard before. Let's use the image above as an example. I had no idea that Squirrels pleasured themselves in order to avoid STD's, but after a quick Google search I discover an interesting quote and observation from Jane Waterman:

“An oral masturbation was recorded when a male sat with head lowered and an erect penis in his mouth, being stimulated with both mouth (fellatio) and forepaws (masturbation), while the lower torso moved forward and backwards in thrusting motions, finally culminating in an apparent ejaculation, after which the male appeared to consume the ejaculate.”

Thank you Jane for such a keen interest in Squirrel self fellatio and thank you FactsAndChicks for throughly stimulating my brain just that much more over coffee each day, I appreciate it, really.

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