Fiat uses Google Street View for Epic Prank on Volkswagen

The Italian car company Fiat pulled a prank on German car company Volkswagen at their Swedish headquarters—and we’re not sure the European Union will survive.

We blame it all on the Swedes, who are known for their prankishness sense of humor.

So here’s how the story goes—someone at Fiat got word that a Google camera car—you know, the fleet of cars that drives around photographing the world for Google Street View, was on its way over to VW’s headquarters in Södertälje, Sweden.

So, Fiat zipped over and parked a zinger of prank at VW’s doorstep. They placed a Fiat 500 right in front of the front door just as the Google's Street View car clicked a shot of the outside of the headquarters.

As Jalopnik describes it: “What's great is that it's not just on the street in front of the building— the little 500 is right in the freaking doorway, almost under the awning.”

Jalopnik thinks that based on Google's Street View updating cycles, Volkswagen will likely have to deal with that Fiat in front of their building for a year or more.

Oh, those funny Swedes.

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