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Allen Edward Hinton is fascinated by social and digital media. He’s a London-based social photographer with 14,000+ followers of his Instagram phoneography account @chaiwalla. Here are a few of his favorite photos, described in his own words:

Barbican Rain Room. Taken at one of the coolest exhibitions of the year (The Rain Room @ the Barbican, now being lined up for MOMA in NY) this shot is a favourite of mine.  It fully reminds me of the magical experience of walking, untouched by the rain, through the downpour…

Autumn colourings could be one of my favourite things ever.  Fog and the mood it creates cannot be topped.  I should of got the bus to work but when I woke to see a rare thick fog I just had to walk the long way to the tube station.  In this particular shot moments before I had just been on my knees taking a photo of the bench, and although I didn’t get a good shot of the bench, the passing girl in the shot took a curious glance at the said bench in curious wonder… and luckily for me this glance takes this photo to a more intriguing level.

Symmetry heaven.  Finally got under a pylon and I saw a plane coming… I couldn’t hold my hand still and I almost passed out from holding my breath… but I got an aligned shot with a plane framed between the lines.  Deep breathe. And post to Instagram.


I like the view of this shot, and I’m a fan of the lines but what makes me smile is the fact that I was hanging upside down, hands outstretched, pointing my camera behind me… I have no idea how I got it aligned.  I didn’t have much time to take too many shots as I was approaching the end of the lift…


England can be beautiful too.  Each day I enviously view photos of my followings from around the globe. Mountains, seas, high-rise buildings, exotic foods and sunsets.  This photo got a nice reaction from my local friends so I felt a sense of pride at promoting my homeland. 

Chit Chat. Best of friends and the Dead Sea.  It was a one in a lifetime, unforgettable, experience.  One of the few shots I’ve taken whilst my feet aren’t fixed to the group.


Abstract. It doesn’t come often and I can’t force it but I thoroughly enjoy envisioning and attempting to take more bizarre shots at unique angles, looking around in all directions all in the hope of getting something different.  I think this shot also reminds me how fun it can be to keep look for something original.




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