Filtered Views: Ben Jorgens on Instagram.

Each week we share filtered views of life from photographers on Instagram. Because everyone is a photographer. I know many people may argue that, but with a growing number of people equipped with high resolution camera phones, it's likely that you too have begun documenting the mundane, the beautiful and sometimes strange in your everyday life. 

Ben Jorgens works at a start-up in San Francisco's Finacial District. "My images have always been about documenting the way I see things. I don't want to reach the end of this life and be unable to remember or see the experiences I have had. Pictures can last forever." Follow and examine color, light and perspective with Ben here.

Originally made as prints, Ben moves the natural and unnatural into a golden ratio. Check out more images like this here.

Steel Knot in Spokane, WA

Juxtaposition of Forces

Symmetry and it's relationship to Entropy

Stained Glass Cathedral

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