Filtered Views: Bertie Pearson on Instagram

Everyone is a photographer. I know many people may argue that, but with a growing number of people equipped with high resolution camera phones, it's likely that you too have begun documenting the mundane, the beautiful and sometimes strange in your everyday life. This is where we share your filtered views of life from Instagram.

Bertie Pearson hails from Austin, Texas and traversed to the Bay Area to study English and Art at UC Berkley. Having spent a few years playing in bands and DJing various parties, Bertie became an ordained Minister at San Francisco's historic Grace Cathedral, then off to serve two congregations in the City's Mission district, and Bertie has since relocated back home to Texas with his wife Rachel. Follow him on Instagram @BertieP.

Ocean Beach in San Francisco -- my favorite reading spot on a cloudy chilly day.

The Place des Vosges in Paris

My friend Karoline looking tough in an ally in Los Angeles

A flag outside Black's BBQ in Lockhart Texas

A young cowboy and cowgirl at a Rodeo in Central Texas

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