Filtered Views: Bryce Gibson on Instagram.

Each week this where we share your filtered views of life from Instagram. Because everyone is a photographer. I know many people may argue that, but with a growing number of people equipped with high resolution camera phones, it's likely that you too have begun documenting the mundane, the beautiful and sometimes strange in your everyday life.

This weeks Instagramer is Bryce Gibson. Bryce moved to San Francisco two years ago and decided to take a break from carrying around multiple heavy lenses and instead focus his creative passion on his phone to explore the City and everything the Bay Area has to offer.

"I can't believe this was taken with a phone."

I drove up to one of my favorite ocean lookouts north of the city. The view was completely swallowed by the fog. When I turned back toward my car, I stopped in my tracks when I saw this scene.

I was visiting a remote office that had a killer view and I had taken a couple of shots out the window, but none of the images captured the scale of the city. Then a coworker walked by with his phone. The scale suddenly became clear.

I took a wrong turn while walking my dog. I looked up...

I love when the architectural and natural worlds converge. 

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