FILTERED VIEWS: Chris Connolly on Instagram

Chris Connolly is a designer at Instagram. Or as he puts it “I'm in the design field, making things people tap on and getting not to make people shake their phones in frustration.” With this profession, it is no wonder he enjoys what we call a “filtered view” of life. 

“On nights and weekends, getting out to explore/adventure/shoot is usually priority number one.” He says, “No real motive, just a drive to get out there and see beautiful things outside of the normal day to day routine.  Most often, the photo potential dictates the destination, but not always. Most shots just end up being accidental finds that are stumbled upon.”  

Chris has over 445,000 followers on Instagram who like what he sees, and how he sees it. He says he is “always and forever” obsessed with symmetry. “Despite the complete randomness of my stream, symmetry is the common bond which holds everything together.  No matter where I go and where I shoot, that seems to be the common thing which my eyes gravitate towards.”  

One challenge to being a photographer—“I am crooked. Literally. My frame is slightly unbalanced, and most of my shots end up being 1 to 2 degrees tilted to the left.  Which leads me to make heavy use of straightening and alignment tools on my final photos.”

Take a look at Chris’ Filtered (and perfectly aligned) View:

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