FILTERED VIEWS: Hatice Korkmaz Likes to See the Color in the World.

This week we have a special edition of Filtered Views. The series is usually part of The Weekend Edition, but we’ve made an exception for Hatice Korkmaz. You see, it is Hatice’s birthday today. And because the Turkish-born photographer loves to make people happy with her colorful images, we thought it only fitting to make her birthday a special and happy one. Happy Birthday Hatice. 

Hatice lives in Istanbul, but is from the beautiful town of Izmir. She works in the marketing department for a commercial bank for, but has found a passion in photography, and a outlet for her work in Instagram (her handle is @kardinalmelon)—with over 200,000 followers.

“I love travelling and have been taking photographs for 10 years, but just for fun. I have been on Instagram for 1 year. I can say that it changed my perspective of looking at the world, even my life. I became really passionate about photography after Instagram. I have meet really talented and good friends from all over the world.”

Hatice’s photographic style is candy-colored. She enjoys photographing colorful sunsets, colorful buildings, and colorful landscapes. In fact, she says her slogan is “See the color in the world.” 

“I really love to make people happy with my happy colors. Unfortunately there are enough bad things making us sad in our world. So I want to make people feel good at least by showing them beautiful places via my colorful photographs.”

The joy of posting to Instagram and getting feedback from all over the world has encouraged her to buy a new professional camera and she wants to learn more techniques about photography. “I want to travel all the time to take photographs of different places. I'm really happy that I can introduce my beautiful country Turkey to Instagram users.


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