Filtered Views: Tyler Sharp on Instagram.

Each week this where we share your filtered views of life from Instagram. Because everyone is a photographer. I know many people may argue that, but with a growing number of people equipped with high resolution camera phones, it's likely that you too have begun documenting the mundane, the beautiful and sometimes strange in your everyday life.

Tyler Sharp is a photographer, writer, and filmmaker based in Dallas, Texas. He likes old books, good whisky, full moons, and Kung Fu. 

Which red door do I choose? One of the many unique buildings in the historic neighborhood of Dallas I live in called Oak Cliff. 

I had the honor of hosting @thiswildidea and his famous dog Maddie the Coonhound when they stopped in Dallas for a night. They are about to embark on a 50 state book tour to promote Theron's work, so check it out!

It is so good to get out of the city every once in awhile and go camping. Hiking, writing, archery, making bonfires, and shooting film is all good for the soul. 

Ambient ghost light. One of my fellow members @weldspacesuses the daylight diffuser as a disguise.

Not your average cliffside lightsaber duel. This was a collaboration by my good friend @moneal and I, during my recent visit to San Francisco. Shot with the iphone on a tripod mount in the Marin Headlands. 

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Photo of Tyler Courtesy @andrewarceri
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