Five Documentary Films From Sundance To Be On The Look Out For.

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1) Blood Brother

Ready your tear ducts. Young American Rocky Braat travels through India and meets a group of children infected with HIV. Unlike most privileged young Americans, Rocky decides not to head back home; he needs to stay with these kids just as much as they need him.

2) Cutie and the Boxer

Follow Ushio and Norika, an artist couple who met and wed in New York during the 70’s and struggled to hang onto what 95% of the population strives for, love. A moving love story about the companionship and art that brings two people together.

3) Valentine Road

With gun control being such a hot topic, Valentine Road paints an uneasy picture of what drives people to murder, taking a deep look at what drove Brandon McInerney to shoot his 8th grade classmate, Larry King in 2008.

4) God Loves Uganda

The Huffington Post called this the most terrifying film of the year, and with good reason. Academy Award winning Director Roger Ross Williams journeys to Uganda to examine the repercussions of American Evangelicals who may, or may not be directly influencing the country’s dangerous anti-gay propaganda and laws.

5) Inequality For All

Political commentator Robert Reich discusses the ever-growing gap in income inequality and what sort of future America might be headed toward with our current economic deterioration. If you hadn’t noticed, there’s nothing economical about our economy.

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