Five Films! A Journey To Jurassic Park.

Face it, you’d probably never heard of a Velociraptor before 1993, let alone that she was a clever girl. And you’ll never look at a vibrating cup of water the same again. Steven Spielberg brought Michael Crichton’s beloved novel to the big screen in an unfathomable way, bringing to life something we never anticipated on seeing in our lives, dinosaurs. Just give in already and relive the magic...this time in 3D.

Jurassic Park Directed by Steven Spielberg, 1993

One of the best adventure films ever made, hands down. John Hammond brought us along for the ride of a life time and showed us things we never thought possible, the magic of cinema at it’s very finest, exciting you, scaring you, and taking you away to a place unknown. I still cant get enough of it. Where is the cast now? The folks over at Moviefone have an update for you here.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park Directed by Steven Spielberg, 1997

The late Roger Ebert probably said it better than I ever could, "It can be said that the creatures in this film transcend any visible signs of special effects and seem to walk the earth, but the same realism isn't brought to the human characters, who are bound by plot conventions and action formulas." Certainly a fun film, but lacking the chemistry between characters that drew us into the wonder and thrill of the first film.

Jurassic Park III Directed by Joe Johnston, 2001

Spielberg leaves the director’s chair and hands the reigns over to Joe Johnston, who more recently directed Captain America: The First Avenger. The third installment is visually darker and more stylized than the previous films, and despite the return of Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant, there’s no sense of awe and excitement here, instead we’re presented with something unbalanced and fearsome. 

Jurassic Park 3D in theaters now

Can you say, best 3D I’ve seen to date? Our showing was sold out and I could feel the building excitement in the theater well before John Williams iconic score lifted me up like a kid again. The 3D conversion worked wonders. Depth and focus are key to each scene in JP and as opposed to being flashy and distracting, I found myself pulled in even further, finding small details in a new dimension that previously remained unseen. The best way to watch Jurassic Park, without a doubt. 

Jurassic Park IV Directed by Colin Trevorrow, June 2014

Yes, it’s true. If you haven’t already heard the news, Safety Not Guaranteed director Colin Trevorrow will be at the helm of the fourth installment, with Spielberg serving as executive producer. Not much is known about the film but IMDb trivia tells us “the story idea for this film was created by Steven Spielberg and Mark Protosevich who got together privately on several occasions (without studio observance) to confer the notion of doing another installment in the Jurassic Park franchise.” Excited, scared, crying under the table. Ok, I’m not that excited but basically I am.

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