Five Films About Football.

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With the Super Bowl upon us, it's pretty much like Christmas. You know, the time when holiday films are bountiful and TNT runs multiple viewings of the same classic. Be on the look out for a few of these five football films to get you sufficiently hyped with team spirit; which ever team you might be rooting for.

1) Little Giants (1994)

Remember this one? Rick Moranis gears up with his rag tag team of underdogs in an epic battle against the local winning football team, led by Ed O’Neill, better known as TV’s Al Bundy. Filled with classic one-liners and cameos from John Madden, Emmitt Smith and Tim Brown; and if you’re really interested, check out ONTD’s ‘Then and Now’ pictures of the cast.

2) The Longest Yard (1974)

No, not that atrocity starring Adam Sandler with a blasphemous appearance by Burt Reynolds as Coach, go watch the original!

3) Rudy (1993)

Sean Astin as Rudy Ruettiger kills me, like in the best way possible; probably my very first man crush. Despite his small town steel mill job and socioeconomic obstacles thrown his way, Rudy dreams of playing for the University of Notre Dame. An amazing story of the underdog with more spirit than most teams could hope for.

4) Varsity Blues (1999)

Remember James Van Der Beek’s famously bad line, “I don’t want your life!” Yeah, he didn’t seem to enjoy the shadow his father and the rest of their West Texan, football obsessed community cast over him, but this movie is hilarious and fun, if not cheesy at times.

5) Heaven Can Wait (1978)

Warren Beatty flaunts his directorial chops and stars in this comedy too. Playing a an LA Rams quarterback on his way to the Super Bowl who’s accidentally hit by a car and killed, sent to Heaven, only to demand he be sent back to Earth to live out his life. 

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