FIVE FILMS: Beards, Beards and more Beards.

We’re in the thick of it. Beards are everywhere. There are cat beards, and The New York Times is writing about the Taming of the Beard. Beards, beards and more beards. 

If you are a fan of the goatee, the stubble, the neck beard, the chin curtain, the goat patch, the royale or the chin strap you’ll want to check out these five videos. If you believe that beards make better parents, or even if you believe that Real Men Can’t Grow Beards, eye these five films.

1). Bye Bye Beard: Music by Mozart

2). Beard Equity: The Manly Side of Owning a Beard 


3). Walking Through China and Growing a Beard


4). The Beards Music Video - Got Me a Beard

5). 101 Sikh Beards: Because not every Beard has a Hipster Attached to it

Beard image courtesy of Shutterstock
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