Five Films! Documentary Submissions at SXSW.

SXSW begins tomorrow and some of the best up and coming filmmakers will be debuting their newest works of art at this years festival. Here are five documentary films out of the many that are on my must-see list.

1) Downloaded Directed by Alex Winter

Alex Winter, yes the one from Bill and Ted, The Lost Boys and the director of 1993’s highly bizarre Freaked is debuting his documentary Downloaded at this years SXSW, focusing on the rise of Napster and the advent of the digital revolution.

2) Fall and Winter Directed by Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson brings us on a quest to find what is causing global crisis, from droughts and pollution to the rapidly diminishing resources our planet so willingly provides. Our planet will never be the same again and Anderson suggests new ideas and strategies for our future civilization. Why wouldn’t you want to see this?

3) Xmas Without China Directed by Alicia Dwyer

Tom Xia, an Chinese immigrant, challenges his American neighbors to survive the holiday without Chinese products. Alicia Dwyer presents plenty of laughs along with an interesting view of how American’s relate to their belongings.

4) Rewind This! Directed by Josh Johnson

Ah, the VHS tape, how I loved thee. Explore the rippling historical and cultural effects the VHS tape has had on society. Archivists, filmmakers, and video rental chain operators all have something to say about the now outdated medium. 

5) Tiny: A Story About Living Small Directed by Christopher Smith & Merete Mueller

SXSW Eco presents Tiny, documenting a couple who sets out to build their own small home despite their lack of proper building skills. Removing the excess of our lives, Tiny takes a look at the sustainability, design and hopefully, the shifting paradigm of the American Dream.

FIVE THôT editor and columist Nick Baber is a lover of film, design, futurism, and his cat Boba Fett. Check out his other articles here.

Image Courtesy: SXSW

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