Our Five Films Round Up.

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Five Films from Sundance

Joseph Gordon Levitt is making his directorial debut, Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHann, Jack Huston and Ben Foster are the Beat Generation, S - VHS continues to scare the crap out of me, and Mr. Halloran always said ‘There ain’t nuthin’ in Room 237, but do you believe him?

Five Films about Sex

Because sex is great, duh. Emily Browning sheds her skin in Sleeping Beauty, Michael Pitt befriends two mysterious siblings in 1968 Paris, and John Cameron Mitchell takes us to the Shortbus, ‘a salon for the gifted and challenged.’

Five Films that should’ve NEVER been Remade

I know it might seem a bit Psycho but Hollywood can’t seem to produce an original piece of content if it’s business depended on it, so naturally, why not resort to remakes, reboots and reimagining’s? I always Dredd what sort of horrendous Massacre is presented before me in remakes, typically ruining what I thought I knew to be true, but they’re are all around us.

Five Films about Powerful Innovators

Well Steve Jobs, yeah, but did you ever consider Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood to be an innovator? And take a look at the works of Jacque Fresco, undoubtedly one of the worlds most underrated innovators alive today.

Five Films to watch on Netflix

Whether it’s a highly stylized samurai western or a controversial black comedy about killing your annoying neighbors, everyone’s favorite streaming service has some hidden gems to check out. 

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