Five Filtered Views on Instagram

Each week we share the filtered views of life from the social photo app Instagram. There are over 100 million users of Instagram documenting the mundane, the beautiful and sometimes “the strange” of everyday life. Because everyone is a photographer. It’s our job to help you discover who’s out there, and what they’re photographing. From snapshots, to fine art, from passion projects to corporate marketing programs, there’s much to see through the different lens of Instagram.

Here’s a few of the profiles we’ve showcased so far in the series we call “Filtered Views.”

  1. Mustafa Seven is a documentary photographer living in Instanbul, Turkey. He says he has always loved being on the streets and observing people. “I will always be out on the streets.”  
  2. Brandon Sharpe is a 28-year old graphic designer and photographer. Brandon works a day job at an advertising agency in Chicago, but when he’s not creating in the commercial world, he’s out exploring his environment and trying to document it as much as possible. He’s obsessed with climbing on buildings and exploring new territories. And he has a bit of an obsession with Instagram.
  3. Hatice Korkmaz lives in Istanbul, but is from the beautiful town of Izmir. She works in the marketing department for a commercial bank for, but has found a passion in photography, and a outlet for her work in Instagram 
  4. Melbourne-based Hasan Ibrahim’s love affair with photography started about 5-6 years ago when he stumbled across his flatmate's discarded Canon 350D. He became interested in street photography about two years ago when he came across the overused 1932 image of Henri Cartier-Bresson (Behind the Saint-Lazare Station). He uses Instagram as amore 'convenient' medium to share his images. 
  5. Allen Edward Hinton is fascinated by social and digital media. He’s a London-based social photographer with 14,000+ followers of his Instagram phoneography account @chaiwalla.
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The Featured Five